Hello! In this article, I will compare the most popular web analytics services that compete with Google Analytics today. These services are:

  1. Adobe Analytics : Adobe Analytics is a web analytics tool that provides detailed information about user behavior on your website . It offers a wide range of features such as segmentation analysis , visitor flow analysis , and content performance analysis. Adobe Analytics also supports third-party data integration and report customization. However, the price of Adobe Analytics is quite high compared to other web analytics services.
  2. Matomo – Matomo is an open source web analytics toolthat offers a wide range of analytics features such as visitor analytics, content analytics , and conversion analysis. Matomo also supports third-party data integration and report customization. Additionally, Matomo offers a cloud hosting option, making it easy to deploy and use. However, Matomo’s user interface can be a bit complicated for beginners.
  3. Woopra and Piwik PRO : Woopra are other web analysis tools that offer the same functionalities as Matomo. The particularity of Woopra seems to be the focus on the customer journey (the visitor’s itinerary on our website) and the measurement of each step that comprises it. However, the pricing of Woopra and Piwik is quite high compared to other web analytics services.
  4. and Clicky is another famous alternative that stands out for advertising itself as “privacy friendly” and the lack of use of tracking cookies, which would allow it to bypass adblockers and the obligation to ask visitors for authorization (no cookie notice ). It has a free version limited to one website and 3000 views per day.
Google Analytics Competitors and Web Analytics Plugins in WordPress

WordPress Web Analytics Plugins

In the WordPress world, in addition to being able to easily integrate the external services mentioned through codes or scripts (generally Javascript), we find plugins that facilitate their integration (most for Google Anatytics) and others that are fully developed for internal use within WordPress , which can offer advantages in terms of data control, privacy and speed.

Independent, cookie-free WP analytics plugins

Advanced Page Visit Counter seems to be the most complete plugin when it comes to measuring the traffic of our WordPress website, GDPR-friendly, since it has the same data as the other plus specific reports for woocommerc and the possibility of creating your events and objectives as in google analytics.

Independant Analytics is another very good-looking option to have a more global view of our traffic. The premium version includes WooCommerce reports, campaign management and emails.

WP Statistics is a more generic report that still seems valid with its over 600,000 installations.

Cookieless Backend Server Tracking for Google Analytics – WordPress Plugin :

Also highlight this option to integrate Google Analytics without cookies on your WordPress website

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